Wilbur Avenue Bridge Widening Project, Antioch, California

Project Title and Location: Wilbur Avenue Bridge Widening Project, Antioch, California
Project Owner: City of Antioch
Performance Period and Duration: 2o13-2014
Project Role: Subcontractor to Parsons Brinkerhoff
Scope and Complexity:

The Wilbur Avenue is a busy thoroughfare in the northeast area of City of Antioch, California. The $10.3 million project, approved by city leaders in October 2012, will seismically retrofit the existing Wilbur Bridge that crosses over the BNSF railroad track and widen it from two to four lanes. The current two-lane bridge, which is about an eighth of a mile long, fails to meet city and state standards. The project is aimed at improving traffic circulation and safety in that corridor, which Antioch has identified as having potential for future business development.

Parsons Brinkerhoff is the Construction Management Company overseeing the construction activities and Veridico is a subcontractor to Parsons Brinkerhoff. Veridico scope includes providing Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) at the project site and conducting health and safety related document reviews including Lead Compliance Plan and Paint Quality Work Plan and Methacrylate Placement and Public Safety Plan. Veridico CIH duties include attendance in construction meetings, on-site observations of lead abatement activities for compliance including perimeter air monitoring for lead, containment systems, personal protective equipment and hygiene practices and review of air monitoring data collected at the site.