CALFED Lavee Stability Program Sacramento, California

Project Title and Location: CALFED Levee Stability Program
Project Owner: USACE Sacramento District, Sacramento, California
Performance Period and Duration: 2008-2012
Project Role: Subcontractor to Kleinfelder-Geomatrix
Scope and Complexity:

The CALFED Levee Stability Program (CALFED) scope includes preparation of management and planning documents for flood protection measures at 48 islands within the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta managed by independent Reclamation Districts. These islands are evaluated for any required levee repairs or upgrades that could qualify for funding by the USACE Sacramento District.

The required documents at each site include preparation of a Field Reconnaissance Report, a Draft Project Implementation Report and a Site-Specific Project Management Plan. Veridico’s scope includes providing management and planning support to the prime contractor, Kleinfelder-Geomatrix JV and preparing the following documents.

  • Field Reconnaissance Report: After meeting with each Reclamation District Engineer and site sponsor, and conducting a detailed site visit, a Field Reconnaissance Report is prepared for submittal to the USACE Sacramento District. This report is comprised of the site description, findings and field observation, and formulation of the scope of work.
  • Draft Project Implementation Report: This report includes a presentation of flood protection alternatives and an analysis of environmental constraints and flood protection benefits. Veridico’s scope includes providing input regarding the site description, future conditions and opportunities, and a qualitative assessment of the benefits of flood management improvements.
  • Site-Specific Project Management Plan: This plan is comprised of the presentation of authorities and stakeholder team, an evaluation of project constraints, and the preparation of the work breakdown structure and project schedule.