Sacramento River Bank Protection Project, Sacramento, California

Project Title and Location: Sacramento River Bank Protection Project, Sacramento, California
Project Owner: USACE Sacramento District, Sacramento, California
Performance Period and Duration: 2008-2009
Project Role: Subcontractor to Kleinfelder-Geomatrix

The Sacramento River Bank Protection Project (SRBPP) scope was an evaluation of flood protection measures and preparation of design and specification documents for 21 sites (the 14 initial sites shown on the picture) along the Sacramento and Feather Rivers. Veridico’s scope included providing management and planning support to the prime contractor, Kleinfelder-Geomatrix JV and preparing two Alternatives Reports, one for 14 sites and a second report for 7 sites. These reports documented the following information for each site.

  • An overview of site reconnaissance and ranking procedures which qualified each site for further consideration by the USACE Sacramento District.
  • An assessment of site conditions including the existing levee conditions, subsurface conditions, site vegetation, site features and improvements, and access issues, real estate issues and land ownership.
  • An analysis of bank protection alternatives including likely causes of levee erosion, site conditions with potential impacts on construction, development and evaluation of bank protection alternatives, inclusion of input from resource agencies (NMFS, USFWS and CDFG), providing recommendation, and presenting a conceptual design cross section and a preliminary cost for flood protection design.
  • A data package for each site documenting site visit photos, a detailed cost estimate, and all communication with property owners adjacent to the site.